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Chinese Mis-fortune Cookies

Soon you life is to have very much ha-ha's!

***SOME of these cookies say VERY offensive things and dirty words. They are NOT for children.***

SOLD OUT - Check back at a later date!
misfortune cookies
misfortune cookies box
funny chinese food sign

About Misfortune Cookies:

Everybody who's ever had Chinese food at a restaurant or delivered knows what fortune cookies are - little folded waffle cookies with a cheesy "fortune" inside. And everybody knows that the "fortunes" are always over-optimistic and usually glib and written in English of questionable quality. But, for some reason, almost everybody opens their fortune cookie to see what smiley, you-wish kind of fortune it predicts.

misfortune cookie haha

That's where Misfortune Cookies come in. The next time you order Chinese food with friends or family, just inconspicuously replace the fortune cookies they deliver with these babies and wait to see the looks on people's faces when they open their fortune cookies. They expect something like "Plan for many pleasures ahead," or "The time is right to make new friends," but they get something like "You are unattractive and secretly laughed at by coworkers," or "The end is near, and it's all your fault!" in their Misfortune Cookie. What will they say? Will they see the humor in this? Who knows? So find out!

You can always make minor variations on the above scenario. You can replace only one person's cookie. You can replace all the cookies but yours. You can leave a Misfortune Cookie on your boss's desk. If you happen to be unhappily employed by a Chinese food restaurant, the possibilities are endless...

For the bargain price of $0.89/each (sold in boxes of 10), you can enjoy the funniness of Misfortune Cookies! Look at the positive side: If your misfortunes don't really come true, you'll never be disappointed!


another misfortune cookie

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Misfortune Cookies aren't really all that new an idea, just a new mass-produced product. Lots of other sites have instructions on how to make your own fortune cookies at home, and then you can put whatever depressing, unhappy, tasteless, or obscene "fortune" you want into them. But do you really have that much spare time as to buy all the ingredients, make your own fortune cookies, type and print your own misfortunes, and then clean up all the dishes you dirtied in the process? Probably not. I don't. And on top of that, your homemade misfortune cookies won't be in individual plastic wrappers, so nobody will believe they're genuine, and the joke won't be nearly as funny. They probably wouldn't look very real even if you did manage to think of some way to put them in plastic wrappers. They'd be all imperfect and obviously amateur. Just shell out the pocket change it costs to buy these real, professional Misfortune Cookies and enjoy the reactions.

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