TealCo Light-Up Football *One FREE Air Pump & Needle Per Order
TealCo Light-Up Football *One FREE Air Pump & Needle Per Order

TealCo Glow In the Dark Football

TealCo Light-Up Football *One FREE Air Pump & Needle Per Order
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Product Description

Light Up Football by Tealco: Official American size and weight glow in the dark football with a built-in LED light! It throws and kicks just like a regular football, but its internal LED makes it light up like neon in the dark! Kick it! Play full-contact! It can take it! It's not a toy football, and it's WAY better than the old glow in the dark balls!

Great for night games at home, camping, beaches, parks, or anywhere else outdoors, the TealCo Football also makes a GREAT gift for anyone who likes to play sports!

Three (3) LR44 wafer batteries are included, plus a free strip of 10 extras.

*In order to keep shipping costs low, TealCo Night Sports balls are shipped in factory packaging, never inflated. A standard air pump and needle are needed for inflation.

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Light Up Football

TealCo Football Ball Frequently Asked Questions:

What happened to the Luminator light up footballs TealCo.net used to sell?

TealCo.net used to sell Luminator foam mini-footballs with an LED inside. They were a lot better than the 80's "glow in the dark" footballs, and they sold like crazy every day... until the manufacturer went out of business. They quit making them, so we had to quit selling them. People would send emails every day, asking when we would have more Luminator football balls, but we didn't know where to get any to sell!

The emails kept pouring in, day after day, week after week. "When will you have more Luminator footballs for sale???" they said. "When will you have another lighted football like the Luminator for sale?" We searched high and low, but the Luminator brand lighted football toy was nowhere to be found. What could we do?

Why didn't you just carry some other brand of light-up football or glow in the dark football?

We looked and looked, but the only other lighted footballs we could find were completely unsatisfactory- they were either flimsy, dim, or just stupid. For example, we found one glow in the dark football that had blue LED light on its tips and put it to the test. Unfortunately, since the lights were on the tips of the football, you could only see them if the ball was going directly at you or directly away from you. The football looked cool in the light, but we could barely see it in the dark, so it was no fun to play with. It was more like a big Christmas ornament than a usable night football.

After a lot of unsuccessful searching, we decided to make our own LED-lighted footballs - and they are the best light up, glow in the dark football balls anywhere!

Are these new light-up footballs as much fun as the Luminator football toys were, or the old glow in the dark footballs?

Oh yeah! The Luminator footballs were fun and popular, but they were miniature size, and they were Nerf-like foam. Luminator footballs were fun to play catch with at night, but more suited for children anf not as much fun as throwing a real football. TealCo.net footballs feel JUST LIKE a standard football. A blind person wouldn't be able to tell one of ours from a Wilson by feeling them! They're tough like a Wilson, too. Punt, tackle, spike the ball when you score - they can take it! This is not a light up football toy - it's a real football!

The TealCo Light Up Football ball, and all the other lighted sports balls we sell now, are inflatable; none are foam. They are made of very similar material to the material used in regular balls, and they feel like regular sports balls.

All of our light-up sports balls are also LED-lighted. They are very bright, and very easy to see at night, even from the other end of a football field! LEDs are plastic, not glass, and they don't have a filament to burn out. They also use a fraction of the electricity that a light bulb uses, so the batteries are smaller and last longer than they would with a regular light bulb. And when the batteries do finally go belly-up, they are cheap and easy to replace. (Batteries are included with all light-up sports balls at TealCo.net.) See Lighted Football Battery-Changing Instructions for help changing the batteries.