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BlackJAX QUEST LED Light-Up Disc Golf Driver

Black Jax Lighted Frisbee Discs Blackjax Quest Light Up Disc Golf Driver
Blackjax Light Up Frisbee Golf Driver

BlackJax Sports discontinued this disc and replaced it with the AXE light-up LED driver.

Click Here for the BlackJAX AXE Disc Golf Driver


  • 175 grams
  • 3 x Super-Bright LED Lights
  • 2 x CR2430 lithium wafer batteries (INCLUDED!)
  • 8.5" diameter
  • *PDGA-approval pending (see below)
  • Balanced (Stability Rating of 0)
  • Water Resistant

light up frisbee golf driver in box

BlackJax QUEST Light-Up Disc Golf Driver DESCRIPTION:

This is the original BlackJax lighted disc golf driver. It has the same super-bright LED lights as the other BlackJax discs, but it uses a slightly larger battery pack and has a toggle switch instead of a pushbutton switch. Weighing it at 175 grams, the QUEST goes the distance and will make a great addition to any disc golfer's collection!

The lights are LEDs, so they're virtually break-proof and use very little electricity. One pair of batteries lasts a long time!

*The only thing keeping these discs from already being approved by the PDGA is the batteries. PDGA discs are not supposed to have any metal parts, and the batteries and wires are, of course, metal.

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