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The Highest-Bouncing Inflatable Ball Ever Made!

5" Jumbo SkyBall - DISCONTINUED

Introducing the Hyper-Charged, Extreme-Bounce Sky Ball and Jumbo Sky Ball!

The Hypercharged Sky Ball from Maui Toys bounces like no ball you've ever bounced or kicked before! The Sky Ball is reported to bounce higher than a 1.5 inch Superball, which set the record for the highest bounce in 1965, and both regular and Jumbo Sky Ball are definitely more fun to play games with than a solid ball the size of a chestnut. AND the Sky Ball is SUPER TOUGH with no valve to leak! Kick them! Hit them! Bat them! Stand on them! Play catch! Play dodgeball! Try Hyper-Charged tennis! The Sky [Ball] is the limit! You can have lots of Sky Ball fun in water too!

Inflated with helium and leak-proof unless punctured, the Sky Ball and the Jumbo Sky Ball have Hyper-Charged floating, too! We don't have a swimming pool here, but we have observed the Sky Ball and the Jumbo Sky Ball jump 6 inches past the surface when released from the bottom of a water-filled sink. (Check back soon for videos of further testing.)

Sky Ball Quick Info

  • Made of ultra-tough rubber polymer skin and filled with helium and air
  • Lightweight, yet ultra-durable and extremely bouncy!
  • Kick it, throw it, punch it, bat it, bounce it! Lots of fun! ***We drove over a SkyBall with a small car, and it did not burst! We may try a bigger car later.
  • Lots bouncier than a tennis ball, or any other ball!
  • Available from us in 4" and 5" sizes in an array of colors. (We can't guarantee your color of choice, but we'll try!)
  • The 5" Jumbo SkyBall is 2x as big as the 4"
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Helium Filled Hypercharged Sky Balls

Sky Balls are made of an ultra-tough, hi-tech, rubber-like polymer skin filled with compressed helium to give them a ridiculously high bounce from floor, foot, bat, racket, or whatever else. They even go farther than a regular ball just by being thrown! They're weird, they're tough, and they're FUN! They make people smile! Get one! Or More!

Sky Balls do not float like helium balloons, or anywhere close; if you drop one, it will fall like a rock... and then bounce back up higher than it seems like it should! If you hit one with a plastic bat or a tennis racket, it will fly a long way!

A Sky Ball will not leak at all, ever. There is no valve or other disruption of the thick Sky Ball bubble to let it leak. If something were to puncture the skin of the ball, like a rottweiler, then the gasses just *PHOOSH* out and the ball goes limp; there is no explosion and no potential danger. Things like rose bushes or broken glass on pavement will not puncture a Sky Ball unless you intentionally make it happen. The "ultra-tough, hi-tech, rubber-like polymer" is no joke, either. They are very tough and unlikely to be damaged by anything short of an ice pick, a lawnmower, or a dog.

We offer Sky Balls in 2 sizes: 4" and 5". (The 5" is twice as big as the 4".)

Apparent Mechanism of Sky Ball Operation:

The two everyday items that a Sky Ball can most easily be compared to are the helium balloon and the standard tennis ball. Sky Balls are similar to helium balloons in that they are a rubber bubble filled with helium for the purpose of weight reduction. Sky Balls are also similar to tennis balls (or any other inflatable sports ball) because they are very bouncy due to compressed gas inside and because they do not at all float on air.

Since a helium balloon's rubber weighs virtually nothing, and the gas inside it weighs less than Earth's atmospheric air, it will float up, into the air and off into the sunset if you let it. When the helium starts to escape and the balloon gets to the exact weight of atmospheric air, it will just float in the air without rising of falling. At this point, if you try to bounce it or throw it, it won't go very far at all. It will move a few inches and then be slowed to a stop by air resistance because it has no mass to store kinetic energy and keep it plowing through the air, kind of like trying to throw a dandelion or a corn flake against the wind.

On the other hand, a tennis ball will bounce way up into the air, or fly a long way through wind if thrown. But it will not, of course, float on air at all and will be brought back down to the earth quickly by the forces of gravity.

The Sky Ball does not float on air, either, but it comes closer to floating than a tennis ball because it's filled with helium. So the Sky ball has the plus of helium lightening its weight, but the mass of the thick rubber to absorb kinetic energy. Think of a helium balloon again that has enough helium in it for it to just float mid-air without rising or falling. Now imagine the Goodyear blimp floating in the same way, a few feet off the ground. The Goodyear blimp has 13,000 lbs of mass eben though it's floating on air. If you were to blow on the balloon, would it move? Yes, of course it would. It has almost no mass at all and is floating in air. It would easily move. If you were to then blow on the Goodyear blimp, would it move? No, of course not. It weighs 13,000 lbs. Next, let's imagine that you are running with the balloon in your hand and you let go of the balloon. Will it keep going the same speed and direction for a while, then gradually slow down and stop? No. It has no mass. It will be stopped by air resistance almost as soon as you let go of it. Now imagine that you running along, pushing the Goodyear blimp! If you got up to your running speed and quit pushing the blimp, would it react the same way as the helium balloon and stop moving as soon as you quit pushing? No, or course not. It weighs 13k pounds, so it will take a while for it to be slowed by air resistance and come to a stop.

What does this have to do with the Sky Ball?

The first thing most people do when they see a Sky Ball is to hold it out at shoulder height, then drop it to see how high it bounces. This test of bounciness is flawed and does not at all illustrate the Hypercharged property of the compressed helium, and here is why: If an object has less weight, like a bubble or a half-inflated helium balloon, it will fall with less force than an object that weighs more, like a tennis ball. When you drop a tennis ball, it hits the floor harder than a bubble or a Sky Ball, so it has more energy returned to it to propel it back upwards. The helium Hypercharge of the Sky Ball is then wasted, and the Sky Ball will bounce only a few inches higher than the tennis ball because it didn't kit the ground as hard.

BUT, if you gently (or not gently) throw the tennis ball and the Sky Ball at the floor, the Sky Ball will bounce MUCH higher. That's because, even though the ball has less weight pulling down on it, it still has the mass of its thick shell that will carry the kinetic energy to be reversed when it hits the ground.

The Point:

Dropping a Sky Ball doesn't make it work. Rolling the Sky Ball in grass doesn't make it work. Underhand passes across the living room don't make the Sky Ball work. You have to hit it, or bounce it, or throw it with some force to truly appreciate the Sky Ball.

Scientific Evidence:

None. It just makes sense to me. Get yourself a Sky Ball and test my theory, then report back with your results! Any scientific dissertations submitted will be reviewed, possibly understood, and most likely posted.

5" Jumbo SkyBall - DISCONTNUED

Helium Hypercharged Sky Balls

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