Tealco Exclusive

Custom Printing on Sports Balls

We can print anything. Your name, your team’s name, your school name, your team logo, a picture of your dog, ANYTHING, and any number of colors.  If you want a thousand balls printed, we can do it. If you want just one ball printed, we can do that too, and we can do it without a setup fee.

TealCo is the only business in the United States with this type of printing technology. Really.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for more information about custom images printed on TealCo light-up sports balls. (You don’t need to read it if you’re only having text printed.)

Different Types of TealCo Custom Prints

Plain Text with Background
This is the easiest for us to do, so it costs the least.

Plain Text With Background

Text With No Background
This is a little bit harder, so it costs a little more.

Text with no Background

Images / Graphics
Any number of colors! Cheap!

Yep, we can even print photographs.